Psoriasis Therapies in 2024 and Beyond

Psoriasis Therapies in 2024 & Beyond Decades ago, psoriasis was still primarily considered a problem with hyperproliferation of the epidermis. Given the antiquated understanding of this disease pathophysiology, traditional oral immunosuppressive agents were used for moderate to severe presentations. Recent research into the pathophysiology of psoriasis has highlighted the importance of the immune-mediated nature of […]

Friend or Foe? Demystifying AI and ML in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Friend or Foe? Demystifying AI & ML in Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics The journey of a potential drug from discovery to pharmacy shelves hinges on its safe and effective passage through the human body. This crucial stage is overseen by the science of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK), which deciphers how a drug is absorbed, […]

Brush Up: Humanized Mice: More than the Sum of Their Parts

Brush Up: Humanized Mice: More than the Sum of Their Parts What Are Humanized Mice?Humanized mouse models are mice that scientists modify in the laboratory to host human cells, tissues, or genes, or portions of a person’s microbiome. Researchers use humanized mouse models to study aspects of human biology and health in living organisms. Historically, […]

Targeted Protein Degradation: A New Pharmacology Paradigm?

Targeted Protein Degradation: A New Pharmacology Paradigm? Traditional drug development focuses on targeting proteins with a defined binding pocket or active site to regulate protein activity. These strategies have exploited only around 400 of the 4000 disease-associated proteins 1, which means 90% of disease-associated proteins, including many high priority targets, currently remain ‘undruggable’ 2. However, a new […]

Augmenting Drug Discovery with Artificial Intelligence

Augmenting Drug Discovery With Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is profoundly impacting drug discovery, a critical area in the biotech industry. Developing new drugs is a time-consuming and expensive process, often involving trial and error. Moreover, low-hanging fruits in this field are all gone, meaning researching new medicines has become even more challenging and pricy. […]