Drug Repurposing



Development of Novel and Innovative AYUSH and Neutraceutical formulations for different therapeutic indications

At ACUBIOSYS, we specialize in developing all-natural and innovative with Nano novel drug delivery products using unique and innovative excipients. Our extensive knowledge and experience in natural products empowers us to simplify the process, allowing you to focus on simple treatment.

Our natural and Nutraceuticals formulations focus is to bring down side effects with marked differentiation for some of the synthetic medicines, thus enabling affordable access to advanced therapies for millions of patients.

Acubuiosys Medikamentum as a research based division using core ethical values of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, developing new nutraceutical and herbal products of the therapeutic purposes for the effective treatment of human diseases which are creating havoc in the society.



Drug Repurposing

Drug repurposing (DR) (also known as drug repositioning) is a process of identifying new therapeutic use(s) for old/existing/available drugs. It is an effective strategy in discovering or developing drug molecules with new pharmacological/therapeutic indications.
In recent years, many pharmaceutical companies are developing new drugs with the discovery of novel biological targets by applying the drug repositioning strategy in drug discovery and development program.
This strategy is highly efficient, time saving, low-cost and minimum risk of failure. It maximizes the therapeutic value of a drug and consequently increases the success rate. Thus, drug repositioning is an effective alternative approach to traditional drug discovery process.
Finding new molecular entities (NME) by traditional or de novo approach of drug discovery is a lengthy, time consuming and expensive venture. Drug repositioning utilizes the combined efforts of activity-based or experimental and in silico-based or computational approaches to develop/identify the new uses of drug molecules on a rational basis. It is, therefore, believed to be an emerging strategy where existing medicines, having already been tested safe in humans

At ACUBIOSYS, using drug repurposing approaches, we specialize in developing innovative, novel, nano and extended drug delivery formulations by integrating existing clinical candidates and traditional Phyto-pharmaceutical ingredients.

The main focus of this approach is to bring out cost effective medicines to unmet medical needs with high therapeutic window. Our major areas of interest are Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis and cancer.

Psoriasis & Atopic Dermatitis

A. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is characterized by hyperproliferation and abnormal differentiation of keratinocytes and infiltration of inflammatory cells.

Psoriasis Pathogenesis

B. Atopic dermatitis (AD)

Atopic dermatitis  also known as ectopic dermatitis, is a chronic, recurrent, and inflammatory skin disease characterized by severe itching and eczema-like lesions

Atopic Dermatitis Pathogenesis